Friday, 16 January 2015

How to Make PCB

Today we are going to make PCB. This tutorial is the basic thing that we need to know. The PCB function is to connect some component without any
wires needed. It will make the circuit more simple and tidy.

We Need:
Copper Board fo PCB (1)
Ferric Chloride
Laserjet Pinter (1)
Photo Paper (1)
Cutter (1)
Ironing (1)
Useless plastic box (1)
Sandpaper (1)

  1. Looking for artwork that fit with real world
  2. Print the artwork on photo paper with laserjet printer
  3. Cut and start to iron the printed pattern on the copper board(for PCB) note: sand your copper board before you do this!
  4. Iron approximately 12 minutes in high temperature
  5. After that, wait until cold and dip in water approximately 5 minutes
  6. Remove all of the the paper, make sure nothing is left behind(the paper, not the pattern one)
  7. Now, you can see the pattern sticks on the board
  8. Cut your board until it fit with your pattern
  9. Prepare the plastic box and fill it with a little water in it
  10. combine it with a little ferric chloride and wait until they react each other
  11. Put your PCB board and shake it
  12. The ferri chlorde should eat the copper and left your pattern!
  13. Finally, sand you board and
  14. Viola!, now you can see the copper shaping like your pattern
The next tutorial:
Make your own working PCB

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